King’s Cross Station Update on Refurbishment

Kings_cross_station_pix_3Last week there was a meeting with a number of local residents and folks from Network Rail. The subject was the ongoing refurbishment of King’s Cross Station.

The links below will provide copies of the presentation and notes from the meeting.

Download kings_cross_station_presentation_211107.pdf

Download kings_cross_station_meeting_211107.pdf

Should you have any questions or concerns, our first point of contact is:

Alastair Metcalf
Communications Manager
Government & Corporate Affairs
Network Rail

0207 557 9430

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1 Response to King’s Cross Station Update on Refurbishment

  1. Andrew Long says:


    In a picture you host on your site, and in a picture in the slides you have posted in this article, the eastern wall of Kings Cross station is shown with large windows are ground level and also what seem to be access points along the wall.

    If these are actually historically accurate, has any consideration been given for re-instating them? I think a row of retail units along that part of York Way would make the blank facade much more appealing and allow access. Of course with Platfrom 0 so close this may not be possible.

    I am interested to find out when the next meeting will be held to discuss access from the north east.


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