New Sex Shop License sought for 8 Caledonian Road

8_caledonian_road_4 The Bulletin Board has just been alerted by David Fordham of Trading Standards that an Application for a new Sex Shop Licence has been filed for 8 Caledonian Road, N1 9DU.  The application was submitted by K B Enterprises Ltd.

Comments on this application must be submitted by 19 Oct – please do not delay in responding.

The picture above shows the Applicant’s location in its current configuration. The picture below as it appeared previously.P8210006_4 

As you know, there is already a Licensed Sex Shop across the street at Soho Books.  This license has been running for more then three years and has caused no concern because of the strict Condition(s) placed on it by the Council – strict control over the outside of the shop – that there be no indication of the fact that there was a sex shop inside!

Soho_books_shopfront_3 This system has worked quite well, satisfying local traders and residents, yet allowing the controversial license to be granted – we think this solution worked for everyone!

Actually, I believe that this new application could be refused simply on the grounds that there already is a Licensed Sex Shop almost directly across the street – Soho Books.  What could possibly justify the need for a second such shop?

However, if the Application was refused, I’m sure the Applicant would simply continue as he has been doing – operating unlicensed.  I don’t think that we ultimately benefit by taking such an approach.

If however, a License was granted with the correct Condition(s), then we COULD hopefully achieve the same success as we have had with the first Applicant.  We could have more control the facade of the shop and what was being presented to passers-by – whose "perception" of the neighbourhood is very important for the continued positive development of the area.

Such Condition could read as follows:

The Council must approve all outside signage, window treatments/displays and shopfront promotions in consultation with the Community.

Personally, I’m a fan of letting folks get on with what they want – as long as it doesn’t infringe on others.  I think such a solution allows all to consider themselves winners in this decision.

It is imperative that you comment on this proposal in writing via email to David Fordham of Trading Standards before this coming Tuesday 20 Nov.  Please state your position, either way. I would hope that the Applicant, seeing your Comments would consider carefully how best to present his shop to the Community!

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