Last Monday Club – Local Entertainment

Poster_3 Alastair M our neighbour has filed this recommendation for some local entertainment at Cross Kings on York Way:

Mr Love and Justice are headlining this month’s Last Monday Club. They are on tour with their gorgeous harmonies and acoustic guitar stylings. “The musical love child of discerning parents who remember the days when you could go out with a fiver, watch a band playing blocks of stringed wood they called guitars, and still have enough money to buy a bag of chips and a 7-inch single on the way home.”

The very wonderful Northern Celts will be returning to the club to play their ever original and traditional Irish set on acoustic guitars, fiddle, flutes and whistles to the essential beat of the Celtic bodhran drum

Skopje sings his beautiful “haunting songs of dark chocolate melancholia”

Daniel Spiller will be performing his energetic and wry songs of observation with his trio. Check out his myspace for a recent set he played on Radio London And the cherry on the cake is the lovely Jose Vanders who is definitely a rising young talent who is going places. 

All this for just £3! We are serious! Come on what else are you going to do on the last Monday in the month!

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