Tiber Gardens trouble

Tiber_gardensThe lovely sun trap designed for old people to sit over looking the canal is a distant memory for the vandalised, intimidating, over-grown dump that is now Tiber Gardens.  This spot just off York Way has so much potential it is a huge shame to see it in shabby disrepair.  It has become a minor ASB hotspot – the kids in the picture were allegedly hurling stones across the canal at Ice Wharf from Tiber Gardens, breaking a window.  There must be S106 money in the system to fix it up.  But there is no clear direction and control over the space – the land is owned by HfI and it isn’t clear what they are doing with it.  It isn’t Greenspace’s patch.  Will do some digging and see what can be found out.

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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1 Response to Tiber Gardens trouble

  1. Paul Convery says:

    There have been discussions over the last year or so in various parts of the Council about Tiber Garden and “what to do” with it. It’s clearly a problem the way the space is currently (un)managed by Homes for Islington (HfI) but the solutions being considered by HfI and Greenspace do not seem right either – or they do not command much support from tenants and leaseholders on the Tiber Gardens estate. Greenspace has an ambition to turn the area into a public park and I have heard one or two slightly grandiose ideas mooted like having an ice cream kiosk or a café there. Greenspace has the impression there may be some S106 money from Kings Place available to undertake this work but I am rather resistant to this (there are some other calls on that money) and the space itself has always been an amenity for the people on the estate most of whom have no outdoor space on this very high density estate. Even though residents on the estate are resistant to this space becoming “public” they are also getting hell from the youths causing grief so close to where many of the residents live, e.g. a persistent pattern of fires against the garden fences.

    Turning Tiber Garden into a “public” park does not guarantee to solve the problem of youths congregating there and other solutions are needed. Anyway, the current situation is untenable and there have been several suggestions for a chain link fence or raising the height of the wall.

    An internal meeting has been arranged for early September with the head of Greenspace and local HfI management to consider the options. In the meantime, the local police team have committed to doing more late shifts now and are concentrating on a number of hotspots including Tiber Gardens.

    Basically, I want to avoid anyone lurching to some kind of grand fix which does not command local support. But, I also want to exert some pressure on HfI to get them (at least in the short term) to deal with the problem which is occurring on land they are supposed to be managing.

    Further thoughts would be very welcome indeed because I certainly don’t have any fixed plan in mind nor do I have any definitive power (although I have got some leverage over the S106 cash). The solution is one that has to be thought through and carefully negotiated to make sure that different interests (and anxieties) are fairly accommodated.

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