Your neighbours being sold down river – help urgently needed

Goods_way2 I have posted this on behalf of our neighbours from the Goods Way Moorings. The following was submitted by Jake Elster-Jones one of the long standing boat owners.

The small community of boats on the canal next to the BP garage on Goodsway has been an active part of the area for over 20 years and most of the current residents have been living at the moorings for around 10 years or more. We have played an active role in helping improve the area for many years, for example preventing attacks and robberies on the towpath and working with neighbouring groups like York Central

The Kings Cross Central Developers have decided they don’t want us in the area any more and we have been given just three months notice to leave our home here. This will make at least some of us homeless. Only 5 of our 9 boats have been offered any alternative moorings and these are unsafe and insecure with an uncertain future (all at twice the rent!).

It would be easy to retain our community in the area – there are going to be moorings in the final development (but they refuse to offer them to us) and even if some works necessitate moving boats, they could easily be moved back. The Goodsway Boat Owners Association have pit a positive proposal to the developers suggesting a reasonable way forward that meets the needs of the boat owners without interfering with the development. However, despite all the talk of engagement, open communication and a development that includes and benefits local communities, Argent and London Continental Railways are trying their best to wash their hands of us and are refusing to even meet directly with us to work out a solution.
We need our neighbours in Kings Cross to help force Argent and LCR to engage directly with us to work out a solution that retains our community. If they are allowed to treat a Kings Cross community like this just because we live on boats not houses then what hope is ther that they will deliver on promise that the development will benefit all the other local communities?

Please write a letter / email to Argent and LCR. And watch this space….
We are going to be featured on ITN London evening news on Tuesday 13th June.

Thanks for your help…

For more detailled information on this situation and some tools to help with your letters go to this link:

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