NHS Coming to King’s Cross

Nhs_logo While out walking yesterday I spotted a poster mounted on a pole on Balfe Street notifying local residents of a new planning application – P070898 just beginning the consultation process.  To check it out, I went online and found the application and it is for: Change of Use to Class D1 (non residential institution) – walk in NHS healthcare centre.

As I did not know what this generic expression actually meant, I requested our local Councillor Paul Convery to investigate. I felt that as a general medical facility it would be welcomed by the neighbourhood, whereas if it was “drug oriented,” local folks would be more concerned. The following is Paul’s response:

This is something I had heard some talk about. It’s a privately financed NHS healthcare centre that offers a "city-centre" walk-in service, free at the point of use. For us local politicians it’s a rather intriguing concept (not the private finance bit) but that it’s contracted directly by the Dept of Health rather than by Islington’s Primary Care Trust. So, it’s parachuted in by the Feds at a time when increased devolution is meant to be the guiding principle. This model is mainly because it’s designed as a service for people who work around KX, not simply people who live here. I’m going to have a conversation with Karen Sennet the senior partner at Killick Street practice because I would like her perspective. The attached letter (Download w01_letter_17_04_2007_10_47_07.pdf) explains it quite well and emphasises there’s no needle exchange/methadone supply etc under consideration. All told, it’ll be a pretty good addition to the neighbourhood.

Paul Convery
Caledonian Ward Councillor

Given this info, it looks like a good thing, but of course if anyone does have concerns and wants to air them to the Planning Department they must write in before 24 May.  This can be done via email to the case officer, Sujata Majumdar at: development.control@islington.gov.uk.

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1 Response to NHS Coming to King’s Cross

  1. Hi,

    Just for the record… I’m one member of the community that would welcome a needle exchange/methadone supply drop in in King’s Cross. We are ideally situated for it and it would be a relief to see positive action taken rather than the constantly failing attempts to shove drug issues out of sight whilst the area attempts to gentrify.

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