Kings Cross Access – update on campaigning

Kings_cross_station_3_6 I have been on holiday while others have been hard at work.  Here is an update on campaigning.  Thanks so much to everyone who has done their bit so far – great to see the community pulling together.

Network Rail have come up with a spurious argument that the current entrance opposite Wharfdale Road, used for over 100 years is ‘dangerous’ – no idea where they got this from.  The ramp is an integral part of the station. 

They are not prepared to consider engineering solutions such as a foot bridge spanning the platform ends to provide access from the East of Kings Cross over to the West near St Pancras (the Grade One listed Paddington station has such a bridge across the platfroms from the Hammersmith and City line).  Camden Council have a long term aim to get a bridge over the tracks from Wharfdale to the new boulevard parallel to York Way.  But they don’t see this connecting to the platforms – they ar epaying too much attention to alleged access problems to the station form such a bridge – i think this is simply a design issue.

Stephan Schulte has used his excellent community email list to spread the message set out in the revised planning application:

Page 14, of the Network Rail Access Statement for Planning Application, King’s Cross Station Enhancement, Issue 1, dated December 2006 states:

Passengers from the East and Northeast directions currently benefit from an access to the station at the northeast corner of the station at the Northern entrance of the cab road. However, this access is unauthorised should not be used for safety reasons and will be lost once platform Y is constructed

Network Rail ignore the vital safety point Sarah Swann has made – if there is a major incident in the tube (such as a repeat of the awful fire) or on Pentonville Foad at the South of the station there will be no way of evacuating thousands of people safely to the North away from danger once the goods ramp exit at Wharfdale Road goes.

Victoria Pender, Director for Community issues at Network Rail has belatedly written to me.  Her surreal letter (i shall scan and post it here later)  looks like a mail merge done by an intern from a database of apologia letters on file at a PR agency.  It doesn’t adress any of the points we are making yet repeatedly claims to have studied the needs of the community.  Which we know they haven’t – Network Rail have ignored the community feeling on this issue.

Emily Thornberry MP has written to Network Rail and to Camden Devleopment officers to back up our case.  Good for her

The Gazette carried a good piece and photo in last week’s edition

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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