Renewal of Sex Shop License for 9 Caledonian Road

Sex_signage_1What’s your position?

For those of you who are not aware, the owners of 9 Caledonian Road have applied to renew their license with Islington Council to operate a “Licensed Sex Shop” on their premises.  This is a renewal not a new license.  This location has had such a license for the past several years and had been operating as the King’s Cross Prowler.  It is now operating under the name Soho Original Bookshop.

If this issue comes as a surprise, it may be because one of the Conditions originally imposed on the premises was that there must be no material of a sexual nature promoted in their front window to passers-by or no signage on the outside of the premises indicating such material was available inside.  In fact, the front of both the Prowler and now Soho Books has been one of the most attractive on the block.

It seems to me that this is an issue of the right of proprietors to sell whatever material they desire (as long as it is legal), verses the need to ensure that the perception of our neighbourhood is not being negatively affected in any way.  To date, the Condition in place seems to have done that effectively – but this is my opinion.

As some folks may disagree, it is important to get your views on the record immediately as the consultation period ends 25 January 2007.  You can do so by sending your comments to:


Or write to:

Trading Standards
Public Protection Division
Islington Council
159 Upper Street
London N1 1RE

Use Reference No. 112618 – Sex Shop License Renewal, 9 Caledonian Road, N1 9DT

I would also copy our local Councillor Paul Convery at: to ensure that your views are heard and circulated to those Councillors that will be attending the actual Licensing Meeting.

Click Here to go to the Council’s Site for more info.

Please make your views heard.  The more you do, the greater the likelihood of future actions being oriented around what the local public wants!

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