Light Pollution

Natwest_tower_200_pentonville_road_1 Have you ever wondered why it’s necessary for so many lights to be left on overnight at construction sites in the area?

Considering that individuals are constantly being chastised to conserve electricity and told to turn-off all their electrical gear – rather then leave the equipment in the standby mode – why are local contractors not required to extinquish all their excess lighting overnight?

Recently, I got so annoyed with the resultant light pollution and wasted electricity, I wrote to Islington Council and asked specifically why the contractor at 200 Pentonville Road (NatWest conversion to dorms), found it necessary to leave all their lights burning on the top four floors of their site overnight.

Within about two weeks, I had a result, and as some of you now know, as a result of Council intervention, these lights are now off.  A small annoyance solved…but maybe the start of something big.

Are you living in nearby a site in our neighbourhood that leaves unnecessary lights burning overnight?  If so, why not send a note to the Council letting them know.  I would suggest a short note to Contact Islington –, for the attention of "Planning and Building Control."

Good luck and let this blog know if you’ve had any success.  Oh, and if you know anyone in the local press, maybe they want to take on this story for action across London!

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1 Response to Light Pollution

  1. Stephan Schulte says:

    For everyone’s info…all the excess light have now been turned off. A letter to the Islington Building Control Department did the job.

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