Temporary reprieve for York Way entrance to Kings Cross?

Kings_cross_station_3_1I have heard that the Network Rail proposals that included closing the entrance to the station on York Way used by hundreds of people a day has been thrown out.  They will resubmit their plans around Xmas time.  More details will follow- if anyone reading has details feel free to comment below or email me.

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4 Responses to Temporary reprieve for York Way entrance to Kings Cross?

  1. Paul Convery says:

    I have asked Camden what the current status is and Gavin Sexton, the case officer’s reply (which is rather elliptical) says:

    “The details of the application are under consideration. The applicant will be making amendments to the proposals and will be submitting them in due course. Subject to all issues being resolved the aspiration is to bring the case to DC committee in the New Year, likely Feb/March.”

    So, there may be some more to play for. Sounds to me like the Camden planners have threatened to recommend refusal unless the objections are taken into account.

  2. Paul Convery says:

    I got the following answer from Graham Loveland (Head of Planning) which was also copied-in to Cllr Rupert Perry. Sounds like Network Rail are absolutely set against having any regular pedestrian access from York Way.

    “I promised to update you on progress regarding the station alterations

    Bob Armsby and one of our access officers, Helen Allen, have now met with officers from Camden and Network Rail. Following this meeting it was agreed that the scheme would be amended so that the accompanying Access Statement includes a commitment to:

    a. Gate design at furthermost eastern end of platforms to have bi-directional design to enable in/out pedestrian flow. This is to ‘future proof’ the design to allow for special dispensation for ambulant disabled passengers for easy direct access to platforms 1 and 2 (GNER line to Edinburgh);

    b. First 1-2 years will be closely monitored (with customer feedback) to ensure that access arrangements are not causing any unreasonable difficulties for disabled people;

    c. ‘Help Points’ will be located around the external landscape to call for assistance – in particular at the bus stops in York Way and Euston Road, at the furthermost eastern end exit of platforms and at drop-off points – final locations to be agreed with LBC access officer and access groups and LBI;

    d. Opening of up to 2 exit gates during off-peak hours on south facade to be considered for disabled passengers once pedestrian flow analysed for this not to cause a problem.

    In addition, Network Rail to also look in the number of people currently requesting buggy assistance (maybe compare with Paddington).

    However, it is clear that Network Rail, in the context of overall pedestrian flows, are not prepared to consider maintaining direct access from York Way.

    We anticipate receiving formal notification of these changes in the week before Christmas and I understand that Camden are intending to report the application to their committee in February. Given the time constraints here, I trust, Rupert, it would be in order if Bob gave a verbal update to the January meeting of west area planning?”

  3. Sarah Swan says:

    I use the York Way entrance to Kings Cross station frequently to cross over to the 45/63 bus shop on Pancras Road. I also use the entrance when catching trains from Kings Cross. Every day I pass people who use the York Way gate.

    Network Rail’s proposal to close the gate makes no sense. It is the only access provided for Islington residents and for people who work on Wharfedale and adjoining streets, plus the new building (when it opens) north of York Central. All those people will be pushed on to the narrow pavements either beside the station where the buses stop and park, or on the other side of York Way, which is already crowded. I would have thought that even for emergency purposes, an exit on York Way is essential.

  4. Sophie Talbot says:

    I use the York Way entrance regularly too. It is a safer route for women walking alone as those narrow pavements on York Way can be very menacing and are likely to remain so at least until all the building works on the Railway Lands are complete. If Network Rail are determined to deprive us of our local access to the station, perhaps they should be forced to liaise with LB Camden, LB Islington and TFL to widen the York Way pavements, improve street lighting and shift the bus depot somewhere else – somehow though I imagine this would be an even less attractive proposition for them as I can’t see TFL agreeing to it, neither can I see how practically it could be done. Does anyone know why Network Rail are being so ignorant about this issue – after all, it must conflict with their remit on provision of anti-discriminatory infrastructure, reducing fear of crime related to their works and increasing accessibility?

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