Cleaning up Wharfdale Road

Cleaning_up_wharfdale_road_1 It does take some patience, but in the end it’s usually worth it.

As many of you know I’ve been recently ranting on about the cleanliness of King’s Cross – or lack of it.  Well I’m pleased to report that there have been signs of things improving.  The flytip that had accoumlated on Wharfdale Road across from the bottom of Crinan Street has now been cleaned up (note pix); as has most of the trash outside one of the adjacent buidlings (the one with the markings "hgb" on it).  Additionally the area outside of Central Station has been cleaned and I’m advised that Central Station has been warned about continuing to leave the rubbish paladins on the pavement in front of their premises.  All little steps, but ones taken as a result of ongoing communications with the Council.

If you have cleaning problems in your area, I would suggest a short note to Chris Demetriou, our Street Environment Manager.  He and his team have been behind the improvements that have taken place.  I’ve been sending pix to help identify the problem and to help him illustrate to his superiors the need for immediate action.

We need to be involved, if only to focus attention on where the problem spots are.

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