Cleaning up York Way on weekends

Trash_on_york_way_2 Has anyone notice that York Way has become a tip on the weekends?  Bottles, glasses, promotional flyers, food containers and overflowing bins seem to be the result of the changes in the licensing laws that have allowed extended hours at all the local clubs.

To try to get this situation under control, I have been working with Chris Demetriou, the Street Environment Manager (West) for the Council.  And while Chris has been very helpful and supportive, I have learned that Islington’s cleaning contract with their vendor ICSL calls for the East side of York Way to be swept only ONCE per weekend day in the early AM.  This, as compared with the Camden side (West), where sweeping occurs THREE times per weekend day!

It seems to me that this is the reason that the Islington side of York Way looks grotty, while the Camden side looks almost "spotless."  I believe that the Council needs to adjust their contact with ICSL to account for the changing environment on York Way since the increase to the licensing hours.  If you too would like to see our area cleaned up, could I suggest that you drop a note to our Councillor Paul Convery to see if he can investigate what can be done.

And importantly, if you have problems with street cleaning in your area, contact Chris and send him a picture of the problem.

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1 Response to Cleaning up York Way on weekends

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’d extend this though. Clubbers main routes from pub to club include Balfe Street & Wharfdale Road, as well as York Way. All are a mess with cans, rubbish and what are becoming regular tipping areas with what looks like pub/club renovation waste. This despite signs warning of massive fines for fly tipping. If we are going to continue turning into the new Shoreditch then we need adequate and regular refuse collecting/cleaning following clubbing prime times.

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