CEMEX – some progress…..?

Readymixplantruffordst_5_1 Today CEMEX sent an environmental compliance team and an acoustic consultant to the Rufford Street site following the persistent noise complaints made by residents and the Council.   They  took some measurements from my flat while loads of aggregate were being tipped.  We were not able to reproduce the peak noise – it appears that the noise peak may occur when the hoppers are empty – about five deliveries had taken place this morning prior to the tests so the huge noise did not happen when the acoustic consultant was in my flat.  We went through all the issues in some detail. I handed over a list of short and long term measures that should be taken.  Download cemex_palliative_and_structural_noise_reduction_measures.doc

It was a constructive and apparently helpful exchange.  A new management team has just been installed in the decrepit Rufford Street site – they can’t make it any worse.  You can find some of the history in the CEMEX category in the borders to the left of this post.  We shall have to wait another 3-4 weeks for a formal environmental report and response.  However i got the impression that we should see some changes before then.  So apparently positive overall but the proof of the pudding is in the eating…..

About William Perrin

Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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2 Responses to CEMEX – some progress…..?

  1. P Murray says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was born and bred in Kings Cross where there has always been prostitiution because there are railway stations, there has always been kids playing in parks as it is a council estate, as for the building and construction it is the channel tunnel being built I come from a family of nine childern and we never had anywhere to play except the streets. Why do you complain when the kids on a council estate where you live, get upset when the kids on that estate used the park and football pitch which was paid and built by islington council for thier use. As for the other noise in the area, me myself being an islington tenant, when complaining to islington council about noise of traffic going to smithfield meat market, drunken yobs, local people and loud music and police sirens, dusbin carts at 2 in the morning thats just the start of the list i have to put up with, and this is in the early hours of the morning, disrupting me and my families sleep, i don’t know where you originally came from but it definatelly could not have been from the area where you are now living as i said i was born and bred there and it has always been the same. You have made an extreme issue out of the cemex concrete plant to which you live near can you expalin to me please you never took this in to consideration before you either renting or purchased the property you live in, and if you did why are you making such an issue of it now as you should have been well aware of the local area and industrial units that surround your property. I am aware that you are intiteled to your peace and quiet but the again aren’t we all? As you have stated in your blog the noise in the cemex plant only starts within legal working hours. There are people on that site that you are trying to get closed down that depend on this palce for a living, many of them are localwhat i can’t undestand is why didn’t you take this in to account before you either rented or bought the property. (You aren’t a property developer are you? HA HA HA) In my opinion the area in which you now live will only get worse when the channel tunnel link is finshed this will bring in more undesireable people that you are complainig about in my opinion. Your faithfully

  2. thank you p murray

    i have made an issue of CEMEX now because the amount of noise the plant makes when delivering aggregate is probably illegal. The Council has taken scientific measurements inside another resident’s flat here that establish this.

    That is why the CEMEX environmental compliance team is now taking the issue seriously.

    The plant can operate in a legal and more neighbourly way, it doesn’t need to close and i am not pushing to close it. I have had to campaign in a persistent way because CEMEX and previously RMC did not take the Council, me or other residents seriously. I wrote to Snr Ortiz the UK President and finally got somewhere. I understand that CEMEX have now changed the management of the plant which is good news.

    Over the last five years I have put hundreds of hours of my time into campaigning with some success: better facilities for kids, cleaning up the streets, stopping sex workers, fighting drug crime, making planning proposals better, improvign bingfield park and attracting funds to the area. But there will always be more to do and i shall continue to tackle these issues.

    Just because something has always been bad doesn’t mean you should sit back and tolerate it.

    take care


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