graffitti on phone mast near Backpackers york way

graffitti on phone mast near Backpackers york way
will contact T-mobile to get it cleaned

T-mobile are on the case 14 july

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1 Response to graffitti on phone mast near Backpackers york way

  1. Paul Convery says:

    Here’s the reply I got on 19th May about this:

    Dear Cllr Convery,

    Thank you for your email. On Kevin’s behalf I have spoken to our Highways and Planning teams and Camden Council and can confirm the following:

    1. We refused a planning application for this 4 metre high slimline monopole (with shrouded antennas, radio equipment housing and ancillary development) on 2 July 2004. The Planning Application was Ref No.: P041255. For your information the address referred to in this application is South of 126 York Way. T-Mobile Communications subsequently appealed to the Planning Inspector against the Council’s refusal to grant approval and the Planning Inspector approved their application. Planning permission was therefore granted by Appeal Decision dated 11 May 2005 (Ref: APP/V5570/A/04/11612464).

    2. The site layout noted during the inspection differs slightly from that shown on the approved drawings, in that one equipment cabinet is located to the south of the monopole, instead of grouped together with the other two cabinets, but this deviation is not considered by our Planning Division to be a material alteration to the permission granted.
    3. It is indeed sited in the middle of the public highway, but is to the side of the main pedestrian pathway.

    4. This section of York Way is maintained for us by Camden Council under a Boundary Road Agreement. I have been in touch with Helen Kakouratos a Team Manager in Camden’s Highway Service and Helen has confirmed that an officer will visit site today to ensure that the area is cleaned up and all the barriers properly removed.

    I hope that the above is satisfactory, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

    With kind regards,
    Philippa Murphy
    Executive Assistant to Kevin O’Leary, Director
    of Environment & Regeneration

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