Bingfield Park – finishing off the refurbishment

Bingfield Park used to be a magnet for anti-social behaviour.  It is hard to describe how bad it was.  Daily stolen moped Grands Prix would take place ending in the mopeds being burned out against a tree. All the lights were vandalised, there was no maintenance and the police would not come to a call-out there and it was a giant dog toilet.  Even in the scorching summer people would not use the park.  This satellite photo shows the park before refurbishment (click to get rid of the bubble and the park is the green feature off to the right).

The park was transformed by a huge expenditure by Islington Council using Section 106 money from nearby redevelopment.  the park is well lit, and maintained with a good football pitch, the Crumbles adventure playground has been refurbished, and now the park is a safe place to walk and for kids to play (thanks also to a huge effort by the local kids groups to provide activites for the local youth)


But like any piece of domestic DIY there is lots that needs finishing off.  Our councillors Paul Convery and Rupert Perry are pushing to get this done.  We also need some action on dog waste in an area used more and more by kids.  Will update on this.

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1 Response to Bingfield Park – finishing off the refurbishment

  1. Paul Convery says:

    There’s a plan of short and medium term actions that Rupert Perry and I are working on. For a diagram of the area, see

    Short term requires reinstating the area following Circle 33’s work and to prevent car parking in the area:

    * an additional bollard at the south end of Gifford Street
    * reinstate a dwarf wall alongside the footpath nearest the C33 flats
    * re-instate the footpath (a low quality asphalt path was laid by C33’s contractors and this has the wrong camber for draining away rain water)
    * prune and care of 3 trees that were retained during the works (and replanting grass/flora in the area around)

    Longer term, we need

    * a properly marked cycle route installed along the pathway that immediately borders the perimeter fence of the park
    * completion of Bingfield Park namely floodlighting the play pitch, finishing the perimeter fencing, fresh turfing and tree pruning on the west edge.

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