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TfL escapes corporate manslaughter charges over 2011 Kings Cross cyclist death

The recent round of inquests into tragic cycling deaths with poor TfL road design in the spotlight prompted me to ask the Crown Prosecution Service for a statement on the accident that tragically killed Deep Lee in Kings Cross two … Continue reading

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TfL ‘assisting police with their enquiries’ and hiding behind their lawyers on Kings Cross corporate manslaughter issues

It’s taken TfL 9 months to decide to hide behind their lawyers in responding to my request for information they hold on corporate manslaughter issues in Kings Cross. But say TfL: ‘the police investigation into the Kings Cross incident you … Continue reading

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Met police apparently investigating TfL for corporate manslaughter

Our campaign to see TfL held to account in the Courts for its mismanagement of the Kings Cross junctions has gone up a notch today – The Times reports today an interview with the Met’s head of traffic death investigation: … Continue reading

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TfL says ‘threat of Corporate Manslaughter charges against TfL’…’unhelpful and inappropriate’

The BBC covered the Kings Cross road safety issues that we’ve been campaigning on.  Our very own Sophie Talbot did a lap of the gyratory with a helmet cam.  I used the excellent Whatdotheyknow website to make a freedom of … Continue reading

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TfL and corporate manslaughter of London cyclists – key issues

In October 2011 a young woman cyclist was killed at a junction in Kings Cross managed by TfL. TfL was aware that the junction was dangerous following a report TfL itself commissioned. TfL was also aware that the junction did not … Continue reading

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Kings Cross cyclist and pedestrian deaths and injuries – corporate manslaughter by TfL?

Local residents have long campaigned for improvement of the dangerous junctions at the York Way, Pentonville, Grays Inn Road intersection.  In February 2008 a number of us took part in a walkabout with TfL-commissioned contractors TRL limited and Living Streets … Continue reading

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North-South Cycle super highway Elephant to Kings Cross – the death of ‘smoothing traffic flow’?

You could be forgiven for missing that there is also a North-South cycle route being planned to complement the ‘Crossrail for cycles’ that the media was excited about yesterday.  It’s less developed than the E-W proposal and, disappointingly the Kings … Continue reading

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Deep Lee – Inquest 17 December 2013 – Poplar Coroner’s Court

Following my last post on the CPS statement not to proceed with charges against TfL following the 2011 death of Min Joo ‘Deep’ Lee I have been digging around. And find that the inquest will be held at 1045am Tuesday … Continue reading

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