CrossRail2 – ‘Euston St Pancras’ another new train station for the neighbourhood?

crossrail metroLooks like the greater Kings Cross area might get yet another train station if Cross Rail 2 ever goes ahead. It’s all very vague but there is a new hybrid geographic beast stalking the land – ‘Kings Cross Euston St Pancras’. TfL, they say:

HS2 will greatly increase passenger use of Euston station. A new, Crossrail 2, station at Euston St Pancras would help disperse passengers and reduce the crowding and delay that would otherwise occur at Euston.

For the Metro option in particular (pictured):

Instead of two stations at Euston and Kings Cross there would be one station in the area of Euston Road serving Euston, St Pancras and Kings Cross. The tunnel route would then continue to a station at Angel before splitting to two branch lines.’

cross rail costs

And our old friends – rail engineering costs are also there – £15.7 to £19.7 billion. We shall be keeping a close eye on station costs as they emerge.

Note that the working assumption is that the new Euston won’t be big enough. So where can they put this thing? I am guessing that it would be underground with tunnel walks/travellators to the three mainline stations (a bit like Bank). One assumes that they won’t dig under St Pancras or Kings Cross or Euston themselves. Nor under the British Library – which has a big underground book repository, nor under the infectious disease research place currently being built behind the BL.

Which points to somewhere in between Ossulton Street and Eversholt Street. An area of high density social housing and some economic deprivation. I’ve sketched it out on a map. It’s kind of ironic that the recent HS2 Euston fiasco blighted people’s lives to the West of Euston and now Crossrail2 threatens the same for those East of Euston.

UPDATE – following ‘concerned resident’ comment below the Police Garage on Drummond Crescent is this building.

Living near Euston we have a problem, indeed. You can give your views to TfL in a simple online form here – you can insert somethign about the station in the open box at the bottom.

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3 Responses to CrossRail2 – ‘Euston St Pancras’ another new train station for the neighbourhood?

  1. Ben Myring says:

    I don’t believe that anyone has argued that a Crossrail 2 ‘Euston St Pancras’ station would require a new surface building. The proposed amendments to the High-Speed 2, which also involve a ‘Euston-St Pancras’ station, do not involve a new surface building earlier (though the existing Euston might still be redeveloped but on a smaller, less destructive scale than the original plan).

    Rather, my understanding is that the existing KX-StP station is ‘Crossrail 2-ready’ in the same way that Tottenham Court Road is. It is similar to Farringdon, where the new Thameslink station is Crossrail 1-ready.

    The problem is with the underground facilities at the ‘Euston end’ of a E-KX-StP station, which are already at capacity and will need to be expanded anyway due to HS2. But expanding them need not require demolition above ground (though it possibly be easier if done concurrently with rebuidling Euston above ground).

  2. Concerned Resident says:

    A letter from Cllr Sarah Hayward to the secretary of state (regarding a school displaced by HS2) indicates that one site under consideration for the ‘Euston St Pancras’ station is the Police Garage on Drummond Crescent.
    She states in her letter: “I am however extremely concerned to hear that as part of the work being carried out to reassess the safeguarding for Crossrail 2 the Drummond Crescent Garage has been identified as an option to be part of the potential solution. I therefore write to seek your assurances that the purpose of including the site in the HS2 safeguarded area (and indeed the purchase of the site) is to facilitate the building of a new school; it must not and cannot be used for any other purposes including for Crossrail 2 as a temporary construction site or as a station entrance.”

  3. Chris says:

    I doubt a surface station for Crossrail 2 has even crossed anyone’s mind at TfL. King’s Cross was rebuilt with CR2 in mind and Euston will be likewise, all that’s left is the funding to excavate the pair of running tunnels and connecting passages inbetween them – a useful side-effect would be a below-ground walking route between HS1 and HS2.

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